AppDevSecrets – iPhone or iPad Apps and Games Development by Amateurs

AppDevSecrets is a four-week online video course that teaches buyers how to develop their own iPhone or iPad application and games. This course attempts to simplify the programming and marketing process of creating an application, so that self-starters are able to invest in forming and developing a business of their own. With the growing popularity of Smartphone, there has been a similar growing interest in the applications and games available on these phones. Many of the creators of these applications and games are individuals, who are interested in earning extra cash and AppDevSecrets hopes to meet that interest by teaching these amateur programmers, how they should go about launching this type of a business venture.

The AppDevSecrets is offered for $1.00 for the first 30 days, the entire course is available for a onetime payment of $99.00. A 100% refund is available within 60 days of purchasing this product, which speaks volumes of the creator’s confidence in this product; that is available to be procured online at AppDevSecrets. On this website you can also go about gathering information about the course layout, the benefits of investing in this type of product and what you might expect to gain at the end of the four-week course.

The course is structured as follows:

  • Week 1-Learn the basics of iPhone/iPad app and game development, including what software you might need and how much time the process may take.
  • Week 2-Learn how to further develop your make your app or game to make it look more professional.
  • Week 3-Learn 2D and 3D graphics to further enhance the appearance of your app or game.
  • Week 4-Learn how to get your app or game approved and how to market the product.

AppDevSecrets posts videos of an iPhone game and app developer, who claims that he was able to earn $63,896.21. The website goes even further and purports that developers can earn as much as $24,500.00 a day. These kinds of figures seem inflated, given the competitiveness of the application and game development market. Many apps and games are offered for free on iPhones and iPads and statistically speaking, only 1 out 12 downloaded application are really the paid ones. Another slight downside of this course is that there is no guarantee if a buyer, who invests in AppDevSecrets, will surely be able to sell his product, or get it noticed in the Apple App Store, where there are over 250,000 approved applications already available. AppDevSecrets also offers tips on how buyers may go about getting their developed applications and games approved, but such approval is not certain. Buyers may invest the time and money into developing an application or game and may never witness any returns.

Buyers must also be aware that creating an attractive app or game takes skill. AppDevSecrets suggests that a non-programmer can earn a living by purchasing their course and following their instructions. Be aware that creating an app or game takes computer savvies and a significant level of creativeness too. Purchasing AppDevSecrets will give you information that might make that application and game development process easier, but it cannot turn a computer amateur into a developer. beatrizelenalondo├▒